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New generation of foils for profiles

Real metal foils based on chlorine-free plastic for wrapping moldings and profiles as well as for surface lamination.

Known for our real metal foils on impregnated special papers, we have now also developed a chlorine-free plastic version of our metallic furniture foils. The demand for chlorine-free films on the furniture market is enormous. That is why we have developed a completely new film; PAP. The abbreviation stands for a hybrid film made of two plastics; PE and PET and an aluminum layer in the middle. Printed and varnished with water-based and solvent-free inks and varnishes. The key technical data: thickness around 115 µm, weight around 140 - 155 g / m², roll goods in a web width of 650 mm, primed back. Minimum quantity 500 m², use of 2-D processing and lamination.

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