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Real metal foil black iron

Kröning real metal wrapping foil black iron with relief varnish article 60293

Real metal foil

Kröning genuine metal foil brushed aluminum Article 60006

Sheathing film pine

Kröning sheathing foil Pinie Aurelio with venatura lacquer surface Article 61572

Patina foil with leather

Kröning wrapping foil with patina and embossing effects, leather inlay, partial venatura lacquer Article 61214

Real metal foil

Kröning genuine metal sheath foil brushed aluminum

PVC foil with patina

Kröning Wrap film made of PVC with patina print and relief finish Surface Article 61892

position pressure

Kröning wrapping foil with position printing different decorative elements seamless on a foil Article 61170

Real metal foil gold

Kröning real metal wrapping foil gold fantasy print high gloss article 61726

Real metal foil

Kröning real metal sheath foil brushed stainless steel with relief lacquer Article 60007

Application examples

Real metal foil for picture frames

Real metal foil as skirting board

Real metal foil and edge for shelves

PVC foil with patina effect for furniture fronts

Melamine edge in soft quality and processed as a straight edge

Sheath foil with patina as a cornice

Melamine edge in silk wood Optics as folding edge for the door industry

PVC films for wall connection profiles

Real metal foil as sheathing of the door frame

Real metal foil black iron as lug profile

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